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Call Antarctica from the USA & Canada for 100.0¢ ⁄ min

Call to Cities in Antarctica from 100.0¢ ⁄ min

Landline 100.0¢ ⁄ MINUTE
Cell 100.0¢ ⁄ MINUTE
$5 5 min 5 min Buy Minutes
$10 10 min 10 min Buy Minutes
$20 20 min 20 min Buy Minutes

Calling to Cities in Antarctica

Place Rate $5 $10 $20
Christmas Island 100.0¢ ⁄ min 5 min 10 min 20 min
Cocos Island 100.0¢ ⁄ min 5 min 10 min 20 min
Norfolk Island 100.0¢ ⁄ min 5 min 10 min 20 min

Disclaimer: Use a local access number to enjoy United Pinless's lowest rates. When using the toll-free access number, please add: 2¢/min for calls originated from the continental USA and the US Virgin Islands, 3¢/min from Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and 20¢/min from Alaska. Calls made via pay phones are subject to a $0.99 fee. Use a local access number to enjoy the lowest rates.

Benefits of calling Antarctica with United Pinless

  • Use United Pinless with any mobile or landline to make your international calls.
  • More convenience: PINless dialing, use on multiple phones, and view call history online
  • Pay as you go: no contract, no monthly fees, optional auto-recharge

The United Pinless prepaid calling service plan offers the best rates to make international long distance calls from any phone in the US to Antarctica. Call to any international landline or cell phone and save up to 85% off of traditional calling rates and direct dialing to Antarctica.

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