United Pinless Help

Welcome to the United Pinless help page. Here you will find options designed to help you quickly identify and resolve any issues associated with your United Pinless calling plan.


General Information

What is United Pinless?
United Pinless is a prepaid international calling plan you can use with any phone in the US to make affordable international long distance calls to virtually anywhere worldwide. And, with United Pinless you'll save up to 85% on every international call you make (compared to the cost of direct dialing without a prepaid calling plan).
How do I sign up for United Pinless?

Signing up for United Pinless is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • 1. Use the rate finder to view our best rate to call to any country from the US.
  • 2. Click on the Sign Up button to create your secure online account.
  • 3. Instantly begin using and saving with United Pinless.
Instant Account Activation?
Orders are processed instantly and your account will be activated immediately upon order approval. If your order requires a manual verification by a United Pinless customer support representative, account activation will be delayed until your order has been verified and completed.
Note: The manual review process generally takes fifteen minutes to one hour during our normal office hours
Can I use this service from outside the US?
United Pinless is currently available for usage within the Domestic US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada.
Can I make domestic US long distance calls?
Can I make a phone call to an international cell phone with United Pinless?
Yes. Our rates to international mobile numbers are among the services' best features.


Is there a monthly fee to use United Pinless?
No. You only pay the low advertised per minute country rate to call to international land lines and cell phones from the US, including Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
Do United Pinless minutes expire?
Account will become dormant if left unused for a period of 12 months (365 days) from last use. Account can be reactivated by calling customer service. The expiration period also resets whenever you recharge.
How do I recharge my account?
Recharging your account simply means to add more minutes to your existing account. You can recharge your United Pinless calling plan manually by logging into your online account or setup auto-recharge to have minutes automatically added to your account whenever your available minutes run low. Setup auto-recharge.
In what denominations can I top-up/recharge?
You can recharge your United Pinless account for a minimum of $10, then by $10 increments up to $50. Need a business account? Contact us for business pricing options.
What is Auto Recharge?
Sign up for Auto Recharge under the My Account page and we will recharge your account with a fixed amount (from $10 to $50) whenever your account falls below $5. Never run out of minutes! You can terminate your auto-top-up settings any time, online.
United Pinless quality?
The United Pinless prepaid calling plan offers a high quality phone call, carried over TDM and VoIP connections to ensure a quality connection at a competitive per minute rate.
What is PINless dialing?
PINless dialing (ANI recognition) is a feature that removes the need for you to dial a long PIN number every time you want to make a call. United Pinless will automatically recognize any phone number stored in your online account.
Does United Pinless offer speed dialing?
Yes. You can store multiple speed dial phone numbers in your United Pinless account. These numbers may be added and deleted by you.
Hint: Try storing a United Pinless access number as a speed dial on your phone and setup a speed dial phone number in your United Pinless account to make a long distance call by dialing just two numbers on your phone.
How many numbers can I store using abbreviated dialing?
You can store up to 9 numbers on your account for frequently called numbers.
Where can I find United Pinless access numbers?
Where can I find a complete list of United Pinless features?

Customer Service

How can I reach United Pinless customer service?
You can reach the customer service department by visiting https://www.unitedpinless.com/contact or calling us toll-free at (888) 247-1307.
Can I view my call details?
Yes, just visit https://www.unitedpinless.com/my/call-history (You'll be asked to sign in if you haven't already.)


What payment options do you offer?
United Pinless customers can purchase minutes online with a credit card.
Are there any additional fees?
There are no additional fees associated with United Pinless. Just pay for the minutes you use and recharge your account when you want to add more minutes.
When using the toll-free access number, please add: 2¢/min for calls originated from the continental USA and the US Virgin Islands, 3¢/min from Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and 20¢/min from Alaska. Calls made via pay phones are subject to a $0.99 fee. Use a Local Access Number to enjoy the lowest rates.


What are cookies?
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Why do web sites use cookies?
Cookies allow information to be preserved during your visit to a site or even between visits. This makes it possible for web sites to 'remember' the items in your shopping cart or your configuration preferences for example.
How do cookies affect my privacy?
Cookies can be used to associate your computer with any information you have provided to the web site issuing the cookie. It is therefore very important that you trust a web site before sending any personal data to it via web forms. To earn your trust, we have implemented the P3P privacy specification on our site.
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Who can read cookies?
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Are cookies potentially dangerous?
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Is my online order secure?
Yes! Transactions processed from United Pinless.com are encrypted by Rapid SSL's 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is the industry standard in e-commerce protection.
How can you offer these protections?
We maintain a vigorous consumer protection policy to fight fraudulent credit card users.
Our orders are encrypted by Rapid SSL's 128 bit enabled Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is the industry standard in e-commerce protection.
All attempts at fraud will be reported to the appropriate enforcement agency. Additionally, United Pinless makes available its own private investigation service to aid the state police and attorneys general in their pursuit of credit card thieves.
Lastly, United Pinless staff are able to manually inspect all orders.